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Wash Equipment


Classifying & Dense Media Separation

CAVEX® Hydrocyclones feature a unique geometry designed to deliver maximum efficiency, maximum capacity, and longer wear life than conventional involute or tangential feed cyclone designs.

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CAVEX Dewatering hydrocyclones are designed to provide a much higher density of underflow discharge than is possible with conventional hydrocyclone design without loss in recovery efficiency.

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Linatex Dewatering Screen

With improved efficiencies and increased capabilities, Linatex Dewatering Screening Equipment is a combination of proven screen media technology and innovative screen design.

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Linatex Flat Bottom Classifier

The Linatex® flat bottom classifier (Hydrosizer) is a well proven performer for the hydraulic classification of particles by size or density.



The modern concept of material washing, classifying and dewatering was pioneered by Eagle Iron Works. Eagle’s commitment to extensive field-testing and sound engineering development makes Eagle the best in the industry.


Fine Aggregate Products:


  • Fine Material Washers — Washing, Dewatering, Limited Classification.
  • Classifying Tanks / Systems — Removal of excess water; Classification; Stabilization of
  •       feed fluctuations; Production of multiple & specialty products; Material washing.




    Coarse Aggregate Products:


  • Coarse Material Washers — Removal of soluble clays and coatings; Removal of buoyant
  •       roots, sticks, and twigs.

  • Sol-Clay Washers — Removal of stubborn soluble clays.
  • Log Washers — Removal of tough insoluble clays.
  • Stabilized Base Mixers — High capacity, mixers for wet, dry, or plastic materials.


    Specialized Equipment:


  • Slurry Refuse Separators (Fine Aggregate) — Removal of lightweight coal from fine

        aggregate products.

  • Vari-Stroke Jigs — Removal of coal and shale from fine & coarse aggregate products.
  • Fine Mizer" Cyclones — Recovery of very fine sand from wash-water.
  • Sloped Plate Clarifiers — Removes solids from wash-water.
  • Dredging Ladders for Dredges
  • Attrition Mills — for removal of coatings on sand.
  • Primary Clay Crushers



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