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Liners (Rubber, Urethane & Ceramic)

Accessories and materials designed to lengthen the life of your screen machines.


The uses of Linatex® premium rubber are almost unlimited:


- Chute Lining - Pumps - Pipe Lining - Hoses
- Tank Linings - Hydrocyclones - Valve Liners  



  • Proven ‘Best in Field’ performance in fine slurry abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to cutting and tearing
  • High resilience and low modulus
  • Resistance to a wide range of Chemicals Size / Availability
  • Belting SIZES AND AVAILABILITY Standard Sheet size: 9.25 m x 1.23 m nominal (approx. 30ft x 4 ft)
  • Part sheets available to order
  • Standard thickness range: 1.5 mm to 35.0 mm (approx. 1/16” to 13/8”)
  • Moulded components available from stock and made to order


Features / Benefits:

  • High pressure and heat during the vulcanizing process creates an incredible bond between rubber and ceramic.
  • Ceramics will stay in place until completely worn.
  • Ceramic is good for sliding abrasion.
  • Thickness and formulation can very to create a custom system for your installation.
  • Urethane/Ceramic liners can be an alternative solution in applications where chemicals in contact with liners can adversely affect rubber compounds.
  • Can be engineered to change size, placement, and spacing of ceramic cylinders to meet the right impact level and abrasion resistance for your particular application.
  • Rubber is excellent for impact abrasion.
  • The combination is ideal for sliding/impact abrasions.


Dur-X-Line® rubber cross support protectors lengthen the life of the screen frame structure in any wet or dry, mining or aggregate application. Round and rectangular profiles are customized to fit the machine’s bucker bar locations and cross support size. Custom cut notches keep material from working its way through gaps and causing wear. The vulcanized rubber protectors can be installed by one person.


The Dur-X-Line® rubber eccentric shaft cover can extend the life of a screen box’s shafting housing by years. It consists of heavy-duty rubber vulcanized to a metal plate with steel straps for easy installation.



By shielding screens at the point of impact, Dur-X-Line® rubber or urethane Impact Pads reduce localized wear and extend screen life.



This screening accessory features a high rounded crown for better support, relief corners that prevent tearing, long legs to discourage roll-off, and wide shoulders for a tight fit to the bucker bars.


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