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Skirt Board Rubber

The Linatex range has been developed for applications where heavy duty impact and/or wear resistance is required (such as, wet slurry abrasive materials). This product will outlast the typical black imported rubber commonly used in skirt board rubber applications.  This product is more expensive during the initail purchase but will pay for itself in the long run.


Linard 60

Linard 60 is a silica-reinforced natural rubber product uniquely designed to provide high resilience with good cut, tear and abrasion resistance. The development of Linard 60 specifically set out to produce a rubber that retains the natural strength and nerve of latex, together with the toughness needed for handling coarse materials.

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Linard HD and HDS

The Linard HD range of products are natural/ synthetic rubber blends specifically designed to exhibit exceptional toughness without compromising natural elasticity. Linard HD products are particularly suited to high impact applications or the handling of coarse aggregates, where cutting and gouging play a major part in the abrasive force.

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ASGCO's Skirt Sealing Systems and dust control products eliminate spillage, dust and fines at transfer points on the conveyor system. Provides Highly Reliable, Positive Seal in the Conveyor Load Zone.



  • Reduces Damage to Conveyor Belts/Components
  • Provides Easy Installation/Adjustment
  • Slashes Clean-up Costs
  • Minimizes Material Waste
  • Improves Conveyor Safety

    ASGCO (Standard Black) Skirt Board Rubber

    Standard Double Clamp-Mount® Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System

    Help eliminate spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer point with clamp-mount.

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    Clamp-Mount MDX™ (Mine Duty) Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System

    Installs easily and stops spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer point.

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    Single Handle Clamp-Mount Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System

    Reduces downtime with simple clamp adjustment in the conveyor load zone.

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    E-Z Mount® Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System

    Provides an effective solution by preventing dust and material from escaping the conveyor load zone.

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    Conveyor Dust Control Curtains

    Reduce dust throughout the conveyor transfer point with our dust control curtains.

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    Conveyor Chute Tail Box

    Effectively seal at the back of the loading zone to prevent material rollback within the conveyor.

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