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Heavy-duty screen media utilizing urethane materials.



Linatex SNAPDECK® 2000 Modular Screen

Snapdeck® 2000 raises the bar on time savings and high-capacity performance, providing increased open area, pinless panel change-out and the maximum in cost-efficiency.

Linatex Snapdeck® Classic Modular Screen

Snapdeck® Classic modular screen media are ideal for new or existing screening equipment, providing the efficiency of flat-deck screening plus the high performance of a specifically designed system.

Linatex ELAST® Screens

Urethane side-tensioned flat panel screen surfaces has set industry standards for wear life, reliability, and lowering operation costs by lasting several times longer than traditional wire screens.

Linatex Light Duty Screens

Urethane side-tension panels engineered to offer a lightweight, long-lasting alternative to wire cloth at an affordable price.

Linatex Retrofit Screen Media

Linatex offers retrofit rubber and urethane screen media replacement panels to fit competitive brand systems, such as:

- Polydeck - Tabor
- Isenmann - Universal


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