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Wire (Problem Solving)


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ACCUSLOT Wire Screen Media

Specialty wire screen is especially effective in processing crushed stone, sand & gravel, and materials with high moisture content.

VIBRASPAN® Wire Screening Media

The highest throughput of any wire screen, built for long life, easy installation, and high production.

LIVEWIRE® Wire Screen Media

Our innovative design elements, versus conventional screen media, delivering superior wear resistance and significantly reduced maintenance costs. Customize a system to your specific requirements.

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ARMOR® Polyurethane Wire Screen Media

A combination of high grade wire cloth with a molded coating of premium polyurethane. The Armor covering is not just a coating; it’s molded giving the production advantages of relief tapered openings.

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Available in a variety of patterns suitable for your specific application:


                   Type AR           Type SR             Type DR           Type HR       

Type AR

Accuslot® Style Opening Allows for accuracy of woven square opening wire screens with the efficiency of long slotted opening screens.

Type SR

Straight Wire Slot Opening Size dry or damp material with higher throughput than other screen types. Wear life is superior to conventional woven screens.

Type DR
Diamond Opening For screening dry or damp material with superior anti-blinding, antipegging, and wear life.
Type HR
Herringbone Slot Opening This product performs especially well in keeping roots, grass, and other stringy debris from clogging the screen surface.


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