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Wire Cloth

Wire mesh and urethane covered screen media designed to provide excellent service and operation in the toughest environments. Wire cloth is available 3/32" - 6"





Wire Screen Media


Stainless Wire Cloth

- Highest Cost

- Good Abrasion Resistance

- Will Not Pit or Corrode

Oil Tempered

- Most Popular Wire

- Moderate Cost

- Good Combination of Abrasion Resistance and Load Strength

High Carbon

- Lowest Abrasion Resistance

- High Tolerance to Impact


Common Openings


Rectangular Openings

 - Increased Production

- Reduced Plugging and Blinding

- Reduced Sizing Accuracy

Square Openings

- Most Accurate

- Longest Life

- Lowest Open Area

Intercrimp Openings

- Shortest Wear Life

- Provides Tightest With Light Wire Diameters

- Highest Open Area



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